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 Redundancy is the dismissal of an employee from a company because his or her work is no longer done within the company. Redundancy also means that the job position is relocated elsewhere or no longer needed anymore. Redundancy is under the government regulations to avoid the financial crippling of employees without proper securities. The government demands benefits for the employees that have been made redundant if they meet the requirements. Companies that rely on redundancy as part of their product and process are keen on these regulations as redundancy payments can be costly. Redundancy is evident in the construction industry, where a company requires different employees for jobs at various locations and stages of the project. Differentiation of jobs has its perquisites for the company. For illustration of this business phenomenon, the Limavady Building Company will be reviewed for its utilization of redundancy to get maximum profits.
The construction industry is an extremely mobile enterprise. Thus, the settling into a significant construction place and the later extraction from the region can be costly. The potential of human resources, equipment and regulations lead to the development of means to reduce costs of production in order to maintain high profits. This is where redundancy comes in the picture. The Limavady Company hires human resources from the nearby area of construction, which decreases their expenses. The utilization of human resource from the locality reduces the costs of housing and transportation of the employees. The decrease in overhead costs enables the company to practice cost leadership as a business-level strategy based on their locale. As a result, the company overcomes their competition as it can offer lower prices, which are based on the significantly decreased overhead costs. Therefore, after the local employees hired for long-term casual jobs are no longer required for service, the company terminates their association as it moves to another locale. Redundancy in this situation is the outcome of the company's mobility and operation in various regions. Redundancy payments are minimal because most of the employees do not have more than one year commitment with the company in the category of casual labor.
Given the longevity of some projects, the prerequisite of 2 years experience applies for eligibility to redundancy pay. In this case, the company has to pay its terminated employees. However, redundancy pay is cheaper than having to move all the casual labors to new regions of work. Moreover, it might be costly to support employees at the new construction sites. Also, workers cannot leave their equipment behind at their former work places because they are expensive. Furthermore, as long as the company operates within the US, the management does not evade the set rules and regulations about employing personnel and subsequent redundancy.
Expected Money Value as a means used to determine the levels of redundancy can be effective as the company has to choose human resource that will be both cost-efficient and work-effective in carrying out the jobs. Technical jobs in Limavady Company require trained personnel, and it might be hard to find substitute employees for managerial position. This factor makes management and engineering personnel permanent. Furthermore, the unavailability of personnel for casual jobs in a new area may cost a sizeable amount of money in case a company performs redundancy without analyzing the next move. The revision of the employees lined up for redundancy is required. Thus, some workers may be approved for the training of incoming employees, or fill in for lacking labor in low-population areas. The cost-benefit analysis of re-employing the casual workers or employing new personnel determines the level of redundancy that is required in the company.

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