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The Fluid FreeRide Horizon. It may look like an entry-level Xiaomi or NineBot scooter, but this is a significant upgrade.
A 500W brushless motor powers the device. There are two battery options: a standard 10Ah battery and a 13Ah battery for longer trips. The ride is both smooth and comfortable because to the hydraulic full-excellent suspension's performance. Street price: less than £600 for the whole lot.

All the information you need to know about Horizon's FluidFreeRide technology:
Our knowledge of electric scooters is so limited that not even we can distinguish between identical black scooters.
That the FluidFreeRide Horizon is a good commuting scooter is undeniable. When you're on two wheels, it can be helpful to blend in.
The Horizon's looks aren't anything to get excited about, but how does it stack up against the competition?
Much better than anticipated. Powerful: The 500-watt engine Your flats will be boosted, and it will propel you to the top of some really steep slopes once it gets going.

Listed here is a brief synopsis of the performance:
The Freeride Horizon features a 48V 500W brushless hub motor. An 800W output is claimed by the manufacturer.
In spite of this, the motor's acceleration from standstill was somewhat slow. Power is supplied by a 10Ah or 13Ah battery. It'll be worth the extra expense and weight for the extra 5 miles of range,
but the top speed will be slowed. For the time being, suffice it to say that we are confident in its capabilities. Despite this, the E-Two GT2020 will never be able to equal its all-out acceleration.
Commuters who want a quiet, high-capacity electric scooter can benefit from this option.

Acceleration and Speed ​​are the most crucial factors.
Range and Reliability
Setting up a motor in this manner
For the Best Braking Portability, Quality Construction and Building Suspension Ride

All of the above are included in this package:
During our testing, it went without a hitch. There don't appear to be any serious problems, based on previous user feedback.
Like any other scooter, you'll need to clean and recharge the batteries on a regular basis. Otherwise, the Horizon will be an excellent friend for many years.

It's a form of transportation that can run on its own. Keep an eye on the tire pressure and inspect it for any visible indications of deterioration.
When riding for extended periods of time, you may find that the stem screws need to be tightened, but this is common.

Predicted Issues:
The Horizon appears to have no serious issues. Reviews of the bike's front wheel charging connector have voiced caution,
on the other side. Plugging the front wheel requires an angle of the front wheel. Turning the wheel while the plug is still in is an expensive mistake.

Consider adding a trolley wheel and a carry handle to the box for additional convenience. Investing in aftermarket lights is also an excellent idea.

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нам до такой рекламы еще пара столетий =(