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microsoft Office


Office.com/setup is a website to access your office account for downloading the purchased Office setup. For this, all you need to do is provide your 25-digit product key and to registered in Office My Account, with the details as asked.
You may have queries after getting through the Office setup products, 
that how to get Office setup product key. After purchasing any MS-Office products via online as well as offline mode,
 you may receive Office setup product key. This Office product key is a unique code that is available with the particular 
product that you have purchased which will be in use while activation. It contains 25-digit Office key and once it gets used up, 
no more you can use it on other Office products activation

office.com/setup .   www.office.com/setup

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Ну вот. Восстание машин началось.

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Спам боты наступают ))
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ps3club форум так же помер, с ботов начиналось
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